Staking into Next-level Smart Contract Platform supporting multiple blockchains?

“Cartesi is the first OS on the blockchain. Our Layer-2 solution integrates Linux and standard programming environments to blockchain” —

Cartesi is a Layer 2 scaling solution that streamlines dApp development and allows dApps to run more efficiently while attempting to maintain decentralization. This platform brings rich and streamlined software development workflows to blockchain technology by running a hybrid system of on-chain transactions and off-chain computations.

CTSI is Now Listed on Bancor.

Why do I like this project?
1. It solves scaling issues for thin blockchain networks like Ethereum etc.
2. It allows developers to write application logic in Linux/Python. No need to learn new smart contract programming languages. Linux is so much powerful that Microsoft Azure cloud supported Linux via .NET core!
3. It allows greater computational power for blockchain networks.
4. Great team to build the product/platform.
5. Demand for CTSI tokens should increase as more dApps are added to the ecosystem. It has the potential to be big, unlike scam coin!
6. It automatically re-stakes your CTSI token, unlike AXS staking!
7. Very active team, tons of updates on its activities & code changes

How to Stake CTSI Token(Cartesi)?

How much I have decided to invest in the Cartesi?
So far I have decided to invest 1920 CTSI token ($1293).
Earned 30 CTSI tokens so far.
Token price could be around $6–$10 in 6 to 12 months' time.

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